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We Now Offer Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that experts recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned at least once a year? Solar panels work at their optimum efficiency when they are kept clean. Grime buildup from pollution, dust and bird droppings can decrease your solar panel electricity output. In addition to being your go-to pressure washing company, you can now call us to keep your solar panels clean and green.

We are professional and detailed when it comes to all exterior surface cleaning. We use all biodegradable products and recycle all used water. We use a 4000 psi pressure washer with up to 300% water temperature and a 7 gpm. We can bring up to 500 gallons of water to the location. We are licensed and bonded for residential and commercial.

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Services Offered:

  • Concrete cleaning - stain removal
  • Metal building cleaning
  • Covered patios, hydro jet gutters
  • Stucco, brick, pools, heavy equipment, trailer washouts
  • Commercial driveway maintenance
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
The Power of Water: Beautifying Your Home with a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service

Utilizing a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service to clean the exterior of your home with a hot pressure wash is one of the best and easiest ways to quickly improve your home's appearance. Most people tend to think that when something begins to show age or becomes weathered, it’s time to replace it. Not only is this costly, it's also wasteful, and more often than not a little bit of effort will restore the object to its original beauty. A good pressure wash can be invaluable in your home restoration efforts.

You don’t necessarily need to replace a weathered deck. It might need to be re-stained, but more likely it's suffered too much exposure to the elements and needs a "new beginning". A high pressure wash from a reputable Palmdale Pressure Washing Service can remove layers of dirt and grime, returning your deck to its rich original coloration. Likewise, a concrete patio can be transformed with power washing from a faded and dull or dingy space into a state similar to just after it was installed. The power of a hot pressure wash from a skilled Palmdale Pressure Washing Service technician is amazing.

Power washing only takes a few hours at most, and the benefits are immediately noticeable. A professional Palmdale Pressure Washing Service can wash away dirt, oil stains and mold from almost any exterior surface with the use of a high pressure washer. When done right it will leave a surface looking fresh and new.

How a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service Can Save Your Home

You may not realize it, but continued build-up of grime and dirt, especially underneath your home's siding, can actually lead to major problems with your home. The growth of bacterial spores, mildew, and mold can cause allergic reactions, making you and your family ill. If a home develops a serious mold problem it could be difficult or even illegal to sell it. An annual pressure wash from your local Palmdale Pressure Washing Service can kill off those spores and safely blast away the mold, preserving the beauty and integrity of your home's exterior.

Aside from mildew and mold, the build-up of grime underneath your siding can cause damage to your siding. A thick layer of dirt compounding underneath a piece of siding can bend it away from the rest of the exterior wall, which can open your home up to moisture, rot and an invasion from insects. If this problem is allowed to continue, you might wind up needing to replace an entire section of siding. Wouldn't it be easier just to hire a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service to pressure wash away the dirt instead?

Save Yourself Money by using a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service

Along with saving you the expense of new siding, having a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service clean the exterior of your home might save you on energy expenses. You can potentially make a dramatic difference in your energy costs by getting a pressure wash once a year.

For every piece of bent, lopsided, or uneven siding, your home loses a small percentage of its ability to retain heat. When you crank up the heat in the winter five to ten percent of it will leak out through the gaps in your siding, this means that you turn the heat even higher which costs you more. These small, warm openings attract bugs, birds, and rodents looking for shelter, which can lead to an infestation in your walls or inside your home. Then, on top of having a problem with your siding, you have an interior pest infestation to deal with. This can all be prevented by hiring a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service to come and pressure wash your siding as soon as you notice any problems occurring. In most cases the pieces of siding will lay flat again as soon as a good hot pressure wash is applied by a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service. This closes off the access to local pests and helps keep your home insulated.

Improve the Longevity of Your Roof with Your Local Palmdale Pressure Washing Service

Finally, there's the roof. No homeowner enjoys climbing up onto the roof to perform maintenance, much less do any power washing. Storms, overhanging trees, local wildlife such as birds and squirrels all create havoc with your roof through damage or the deposition of debris. It needs regular maintenance to remain strong and safe. If you don't relish the thought of climbing up there, you can hire a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service technician to do it for you - and chances are he'll do a much more thorough job. Getting a hot pressure wash for your roof can work wonders, but doing it yourself is dangerous and unappealing.

Roof shingles are quite a common place for mold to build up. Frequent rain as well as exposure to a nice warm summer can result in an uninvited roof garden growing from seeds that have lodged under the shingles and taken root in the insulation or layers o It's a good idea to have your roof serviced with a hot pressure wash from your local Palmdale Pressure Washing Service at least twice a year, optimally in the spring and fall. The Palmdale Pressure Washing Service technician can clear out all the branches, leaves, and various debris from storms while power washing away all the dirt and grime that's gathered under your shingles.

Keeping your roof and shingles clean can extend their lifespan for years, and save you from needing to replace shingles that were overwhelmed with mold or other growths. In comparison, hiring a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service is cheap and easy, and takes care of an unpleasant but necessary household task.

It is easy to think that doing your own repairs and servicing your own house will save you money. While it's not difficult to pressure wash your own home with a high pressure washer, lacking knowledge and experience will prevent the average homeowner from doing the best job possible. Hiring a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service, on the other hand, guarantees the power washing gets done well while saving you the time, money, and effort involved in doing it yourself. Get rid of the dingy and worn appearance of your house and turn back the clock by hiring a Palmdale Pressure Washing Service. A good hot pressure wash can work wonders to improve the appearance and functionality of your home’s exterior.


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